Senior Living Community Evaluation Guide and Checklist

Free Senior Living Evaluation Guide and Checklist

Choosing an independent living community is an exciting opportunity to consider what matters most in your life and how you can continue to pursue those things. It’s important to choose a community that allows you to flourish. Download our Guide and Checklist and take it with you to use as a handy comparison tool while touring communities.

The Guide and Checklist will:

  • Provide valuable information that will help you with your decision as you consider new living options
  • Assist you in comparing one community to another
  • Help determine the criteria you should use in order to judge whether a community meets your expectations and is right for your needs


After the recent winter storm has left so many in crisis, we at The Delaney want to extend our most sincere thoughts and prayers for all of those affected. We have heat, power, food, water and accommodations for both short-term emergency stays as well as availability to welcome new residents. Call us today to see how we might help you or a family member in need.